11 January 2021 - 10:31 • 26116 views



During a routine inspection of Merci, a large crack was discovered in the bow of the IMOCA at the bowsprit. Destremau writes......

"This morning like every morning, I go out on the deck to go for my little walk. At the bow I discovered a crack across the bow at the bowsprit from side to side. A glance under the bow and I have the impression that the bowsprit is broken and separating from the boat. My biggest fear is for the anchoring point for the forestay of the J2 which is there. "

Taking advantage of the fact that Merci is sailing close to New Zealand, I made contact with Angelo Lavranos, the architect of the boat. After checking his files, Angelo is categorical, the bowsprit is not structural to the bow of the boat. There is therefore no risk of dismasting and Merci can navigate normally with her J2. That's a good news.  The less good is that Merci will probably not be able to use any of its gennakers without a serious repair to the bowsprit. Angelo studies the photos of the problem  to refine his diagnosis.  We are really lucky to still be able to use our big J2. For the gennaks, it's a bit of a shame and it may slow us down quite a bit under certain conditions. I hope you are not in too much of a hurry to see us finish because this new incident may make me slightly late ... "