In brief 20 May 2023

Maxime became the first sailor to complete "the two Everest"

Between two « Everest of the Seas » - another name for the Vendée Globe - Maxime Sorel climbed the highest mountain in the world! This Thursday, he reached the summit of Everest, at an altitude of 8,848 metres. Maxime became the first sailor to complete « the two Everest ». Beyond the sporting challenge that this represents, Maxime also set himself this challenge with the intention of experiencing what cystic fibrosis patients suffer from, who lack breath. The aim of his climb was to raise funds for the association « Vaincre la Mucoviscidose », of which he is the national ambassador.

« I am very proud to have accomplished my Double Everest, my dream for « Vaincre la Mucoviscidose » and to show that everything is possible in life. It's done! I have completed a Vendée Globe and climbed Everest. It's a lot of happiness and positive feelings. »

#VG2024 26 April 2023

Nicolas Rouger, when art meets offshore racing

Nicolas Rouger, skipper of the IMOCA Demain, c'est loin from Marseilles, has set up an atypical project. His observation? The world of sailing is sometimes closed: « I don't like communitarianism, I think that only diversity enriches » he says. His quest? « To open up this world, to create bridges with art and culture. » Noble and ambitious! Here's an overview of this original project.

#VG2024 24 April 2023

From teammates to competitors

Many of the Vendée Globe candidates have competed in at least one leg of The Ocean Race. Aboard these IMOCA boats, which they are so used to manoeuvring single-handed, they talk about their experience as team-mates. What links them together, in a spirit of brotherhood, even if they will be rivals in twenty months time, during the next Vendée Globe.

In brief 19 April 2023

L'Occitane en Provence supports Clarisse Crémer for the next Vendée Globe

Almost a month ago, Alex Thomson made official the purchase of the IMOCA former APIVIA from Banque Populaire. Today at 5pm, Clarisse Crémer announced that she has become the skipper of this boat, with L'Occitane en Provence as sponsor. 

The sailor can count on the support of the Welshman, who is helping her to build her team to prepare for the next Vendée Globe. 

She will have to take part in Retour à la Base race at the end of 2023 to begin her qualification process.

Alain Leboeuf, President of the Vendée Globe: « I am delighted to welcome this news. I congratulate L'Occitane en Provence and I salute Alex Thomson and his team. Clarisse Crémer has shown her determination to be at the start of the next edition of the Vendée Globe, she has everything she needs to qualify on her own, as I have always said! »



In brief 19 April 2023

Hellio partners with Tanguy Le Turquais to promote the association Lazare until the 2024 Vendée Globe

Hellio, a major player in energy efficiency, has joined forces with Tanguy Le Turquais to highlight the Lazare charity for homeless people. Through the races of the IMOCA circuit and up to the round the world race in 2024, they will promote the actions of the association which deploys solidarity-based shared accommodation between young active volunteers and homeless people. Together, they will try to change the way people living on the streets are viewed.

Pierre Maillard, CEO of Hellio: « I am particularly happy to involve Hellio in this partnership by supporting this human and sporting adventure that serves a social cause. We hope that this adventure will bring about a long-term change in the way people living on the streets are viewed. I am convinced of the importance of supporting these actions in order to bring concrete help to precarious people who have not had the same opportunities in life. Through Tanguy's achievements, we will shed light on Lazare's actions, and together with Lazare we will push with all our strength so that Tanguy achieves the best possible sporting performance! » 


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