03 May 2022

Vendée Arctique - Les Sables d'Olonne

The grand parade 2020 Vendée Globe skippers

To launch the summer season, the festivities will begin on Friday 3rd June 2022 with the Grand Parade of the 2020 Vendée Globe Skippers, to celebrate these men and women of the sea.

This parade will take place on the Remblai in Les Sables d'Olonne. It will begin from Place de Strasbourg from 9.30pm to Casino des Atlantes and will be punctuated by a firework display visible from the Grande Plage.   

A privileged moment of sharing between the public and the skippers who have made them dream of the open sea during this time of pandemic and confinement.  

24 September 2021


Défi Azimut, Plenty of Promise

Last weekend in Lorient, 14 duos contested the last official event before November’s Transat Jacques Vabre. While Charlie Dalin and Paul Meilhat once again demonstrated their talent, Thomas Ruyant - Morgan Lagravière (LinkedOut), Justine Mettraux-Simon Fisher (11th Hour) and Sam Davies-Nicolas Lunven ( Initiatives Coeur) all showed considerable promise.

07 February 2021


The press conference of Romain Attanasio, highlights

Relaxed, happy, contented and relieved of stress, Romain Attanasio was forthcoming and informative, talking of his desire to have a foiling boat for his third Vendee Globe


06 February 2021


'A third round? I want to fly....' Romain Attanasio

Romain Attanasio's first words after crossing the finish line....

"This is a bit crazy. You are so 100% connected all the time, there are things happening all the time. If you are not on it all the time and something happens it becomes a disaster. It doesn't happen. You can never stop. And then this climb up the Atlantic. I had a bit of everything. The calms at the Falklands, the storm afterwards, then 3 days stuck in the doldrums, and again that last storm at the Azores.


Romain Attanasio finishes 14th in the Vendée Globe

This Saturday 6 February at 16 hours, 06 minutes and 02 seconds UTC French skipper Romain Attanasio crossed the finish line of the ninth edition of the Vendée Globe to take 14th place. His elapsed time is 90 days, 02 hours, 46 minutes and 02 seconds.


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