3D Glossary

      Mainsheet traveller

      Track on which the mainsheet block moves.

      Discover the boats of the Vendée Globe Skippers

      The boat

      The boats of the Vendée Globe all measure 18,28 m long (60 feet) for a 4,50 mdraught. With a large sail area, they are the most powerful monohulls of the planet led by a solo skipper. They can go beyond 30 knots in downwind conditions. The gauge of these race animals is defined by the IMOCA class (International Monohull Open Class Association), founded in 1991 and supported by World Sailing, the International Sailing Federation. The latest updates date from April 2021. The rule requires that the mast, sails, keel jack, but also (and this is a new feature) the boom, the J2 stay and the runners be common to all boats. The rest is up to the architects. Furthermore, the rules indicate the maximum volume of the foils: 8m3. These appendages allow the hull to be « sustained » when sailing downwind. They reduce drag (friction with the water) and improve performance.