Banque Populaire Grand Ouest

Since our regional manager met the sailor Francis Joyon in 1989, Banque Populaire Grand Ouest has never ceased to extend and strengthen its love and to deploy and reinforce its love and support for the worlds of the sea and sailing.

Following the example of our national level - shipowner, sponsor of the French Sailing Federation and partner of the French Olympic sailing team - we support the region's nautical players through racing partnerships and the co-financing of sailing equipment for schools and clubs, we support talent through our Pôle Sportif du Grand Ouest, we also sponsor the conservation of Eric Tabarly's great work.

Committed to concrete actions in favour of heritage preservation, entrepreneurship and maritime innovation, we created the "Banque Bleue" with Crédit Maritime.

As a bank for sailing, we are proud to have been supporting the most daring sports for over 30 years, the wildest and the most ambitious entrepreneurial visions of all those who make the sea and sailing in the Grand Ouest region come alive and vibrate.