News 12 February 2021

The highlights of Pip Hare's Press Conference '2024 with wings'

After her late night arrival into the Les Sables d'Olonne channel Britain's Pip Hare was on top form this morning when she caught up with the media assembled on site and on line from all around the world...and this is Pip.....

News 12 February 2021

Pip Hare first British skipper to finish the Vendée Globe crossing the line in 19th place on Medallia

British solo skipper Pip Hare, 47, fulfilled the dream that she has held since she was a teenage sailor in her native East Anglia, England when she crossed the finish line of the Vendée Globe solo non-stop round the world race at 00:57:30 hrs on the 12th February, emerging from a bitterly cold Bay of Biscay night off Les Sables d’Olonne on the west coast of France to take an excellent 19th place.

News 12 February 2021

Pip Hare - best of over the race

The best of what Pip Hare said over her race.

News 09 February 2021

Pip Hare 'still relentless our here....'

Pip Hare writes this morning, "It is relentless out here. Squall after squall. Multiple wind shifts. Waves coming from every direction. Just this second one wave has hit Medallia side on, smashing over the top of the cockpit so water has come down below to where I am sitting, at the same time we are surfing down a wave from behind. It is impossible to stand or move around without holding onto something and going forward in the dark to reef the main I am just crawling on hands and knees.

On board 05 February 2021

Pip Hare 'I felt tiny'

I was standing by the mast this evening, shaking out a reef, grinding that sail to the top of the mast, watching the familiar journey of my sponsors logos past my line of vision and was really struck by how small Medallia now seems.


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