03 May 2022

Vendée Arctique - Les Sables d'Olonne

The grand parade 2020 Vendée Globe skippers

To launch the summer season, the festivities will begin on Friday 3rd June 2022 with the Grand Parade of the 2020 Vendée Globe Skippers, to celebrate these men and women of the sea.

This parade will take place on the Remblai in Les Sables d'Olonne. It will begin from Place de Strasbourg from 9.30pm to Casino des Atlantes and will be punctuated by a firework display visible from the Grande Plage.   

A privileged moment of sharing between the public and the skippers who have made them dream of the open sea during this time of pandemic and confinement.  

28 January 2021


Boris Herrmann quotes after finishing

I had a nightmare during the last night – I saw this big wall of a fishing trawler with the sail stuck in it and my boat not moving, but then a shroud broke and we got free. After that most of the negative thoughts went away… The finish is a relief – it’s the fact of seeing the RIBs come out of the fog and then they get closer and you see all these people with masks, then get close enough to see their eyes. It’s a special moment.


Boris Herrmann quotes after finishing

I’m good – I was just trying to have a little nap, but I’m too excited. The finish was really nice – to see the faces in the RIBs – in the first moment you can’t recognise them because people have masks, but then you see the eyes and they are so smiley.

I’m happy with the result, especially given the circumstances of everything that happened and I’m absolutely happy with this race, with the outcome and everything.

This race was a team effort, the boat preparation, everything around the race, and our mission was with science and education. It’s nice to have all these people here now and to celebrate together. That’s the best moment of the race.

The worst moment was coming out of deep sleep, then I was stand in the back of the boat and look up and look up the wall of the fishing boat. And my sail, the mainsail, the shroud, the outrigger, everything is stuck on the fishing boat and I’m thrown onto it again and again and again.

Finally the shroud breaks and that sets me free. That was heart-breaking to see the destruction. But at the end we still finished and in a good position. The damage on the boat is all repairable – there’s nothing structural.

Did the Vendee Globe change you?

Yes – the Vendee Globe has for sure changed me. I don’t know yet in what way, but it’s certainly taught me a lot about trust, trusting in people and the boat, trusting in time – that good things come with time.

You know, you have to wait 80 days for the finish and for all this nice emotion to happen. It’s not a pleasure trip, it’s a strange ratio between time and reward.



Boris Herrmann (Seaexplorer - Yacht Club de Monaco), provisional fourth

German skipper Boris Herrmann (Seaexplorer-Yacht Club de Monaco) crossed the finish line of the Vendée Globe off Les Sables d’Olonne this morning at 10:19:45hrs UTC to place in a provisional fourth place. He must wait until this evening for Jean Le Cam to finish to see if the veteran 61 years old will displace him because of his 16 hrs and 15 mins of time compensation.

25 January 2021


A Degree Of Uncertainty

First three boats in four hours on Wednesday afternoon? North or South, high risk or low risk?
Leader Dalin fastest

After 24,300 nautical miles and more than 80 days of racing around the world victory or a place on the podium on this ninth edition of the Vendée Globe might go down to the final layline, picking and sailing the perfect compass course from more than 100 miles out to the finish line at Les Sables d’Olonne’s famous Nouche Sud buoy.


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